Congruent triangle example 2

Showing that segments have the same length

Congruent triangle proof example

Proving that a point is the midpoint via triangle congruency

Perpendicular radius bisects chord

Simple proof using RSH postulate to show that a radius perpendicular to a chord bisects it

More on why SSA is not a postulate

SSA special cases including RSH

Finding congruent triangles

Using the SSS, ASA, SAS, and AAS postulates to find congruent triangles

Two column proof showing segments are perpendicular

Using triangle congruency postulates to show that two intersecting segments are perpendicular

Other triangle congruence postulates

SSS, SAS, ASA and AAS postulates for congruent triangles. Showing AAA is only good for similarity and SSA is good for neither

SSS to show a radius is perpendicular to a chord that it bisects

More on the difference between a theorem and axiom. Proving a cool result using SSS

Congruent triangles and SSS

What it means for triangles to be congruent