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Demonstration Classroom Student Testimonials

In 2014, CPS implemented Demonstration Classrooms at six different schools. Students from these classes were given the opportunity to share their stories. Enjoy.

Introducing Mr. Rush

An introduction to Withrow Demonstration coach Mr. Rush.

Churches Active in Northside

Student generated video where Reverend Dwight Cummings nominates CAIN for the Outstanding Citizen Award.

Google Classroom Access and Setup

Google Classroom is a great way to distribute and collect items from your students. Google Classroom is not a full Learning Management System like Schoology, but it does have classroom management essentials for a paperless environment.

Google Classroom Class Platform 2016

Become familiar with the overall layout of Google Classroom, and learn how to use Google Classroom.

Google Classroom: Student Access

A brief overview of the student layout for Google Classroom.