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Frequency stability

What is the difference between a coin flip and a blind guess?

Introduction to dependent probability

Deciding whether you want to play a game at a strange casino.

Example: Dependent probability

Thinking about how the probability of an event can be dependent on another event occuring.

Monty Hall problem

Presentation and analysis of the famous Monty Hall Problem

LeBron asks: What are the chances of making 10 free throws in a row?

LeBron James asks Sal how to determine the probability of making 10 free throws in a row

LeBron asks: What are the chances of three free throws versus one three pointer?

LeBron James asks Sal Khan if it is easier to make three free throws or one three-pointer.

Frequency probability and unfair coins

A different way of thinking about probability when we don't have equally likely events

Compound probability of independent events

Probability of particular sequences of flips

Getting at least one head

Probability of getting at least one heads in multiple flips of a fair coin

Example: Marbles from a bag

The probability of picking a yellow marble from a bag.

Example: Picking a non-blue marble

Example of figuring out the probability of picking a non-blue marble from a bag.