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Example: Dimensions of a garden

Application problems with equation in one variable

Ex 3 age word problem

William is 4 times as old as Ben. 12 years ago, William was 7 times as old as Ben. How old is Ben now?

Ex 2 age word problem

In 40 years, Imran will be 11 times as old as he is right now. How old is he right now?

Solving percent problems

U05_L2_T1_we1 Solving Percent Problems

Challenging triangle angle problem

Interesting problem finding the sums of particular exterior angles of an irregular pentagon

30-60-90 triangle example problem

Using what we know about 30-60-0 triangles to solve what at first seems to be a challenging problem

Solving percent problems 3

Solving Percent Problems 3

Solving percent problems 2

Solving Percent Problems 2