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Healthy Lifestyles-Compound Words

Healthy Lifestyles-Compound Words Lesson Link:

Ex 1 age word problem

Imran is 18. Diya is 2. How many years will it take for Imran to be 3 times as old as Diya?

Ex 3 age word problem

William is 4 times as old as Ben. 12 years ago, William was 7 times as old as Ben. How old is Ben now?

What I Like Poster

A poster made in Word using Word Art, Text Boxes with Fill, and pictures with Borders.

Ex 2 age word problem

In 40 years, Imran will be 11 times as old as he is right now. How old is he right now?

Inserting Tables in MSWord

Video describes how to insert a table into a word document.

Cropping Screenshots

How to insert screenshots into a Word document then crop them as needed.

Insert Callouts

Using MS Word to Insert Callouts