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Opening eBeam Scrapbook and Views

Learn how to open the scrapbook software and the different views that comes with your eBeam software.

eBeam Tool Palette Introduction

Learn what is the eBeam Tool Palette. Find out how to make it appear and disappear from your desktop.

eBeam Tool Palette Features

Understand what items are in the Tool Palette to help you navigate through the eBeam software and essentials.

eBeam Pen Functioning Palette

Within the desktop tool palette, the pen has it's own palette for even more functions within eBeam and your desktop. Learn how to use the pen pallete portion of the eBeam tool palette.

eBeam Gallery Component of the Software

The eBeam equipment comes with software that increases the functionality of the eBeam. This brief tutorial helps you understand a component of the software called Gallery.


eBeam Favorites Folder within Gallery

Within the Gallery component of eBeam, you can save the templates you use most often to the "Favorites Folder."


eBeam: Tool Palettes August 2016

eBeam is an interactive whiteboard that teachers 6-12 will have in their classrooms to utilize. This short tutorial shows you the different Tool Palettes that are within the software.