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Google Forms

Google Forms is a popular tool for teachers within Google Drive. Forms are like surveys, then the information gathered is placed in a spreadsheet for easy access to the data from the form. Teachers use Google Forms for assessments, entrance/exit tickets, data collection, and many other options. Learn how to use Google Forms.

Google Apps for Education

Gives you an update about what is offered through CPS.


Heron's formula

Using Heron's Formula to determine the area of a triangle while only knowing the lengths of the sides

Figuring out all the angles for congruent triangles example

Another example of using congruency to figure out a bunch of angles

Ratios as fractions in simplest form

Ratios as Fractions in Simplest Form

Performing arithmetic calculations on units of volume

Performing arithmetic calculations on units of volume

Commutative property for addition

Commutative Property for Addition

CA Algebra I: Number properties and absolute value

1-7, number properties and absolute value equations

Google Forms Introduction

Superuser Video on Google Forms


Distance formula

How to find the distance between lines using the Pythagorean Formula

PowerSchool and Schoology: Get Connected v.2

All Cincinnati Public Schools, all parents/guardians should Get Connected, Stay Engaged and Informed using PowerSchool and Schoology. With PowerSchool, parents have an instant look into their child’s gradebook, and no longer have to wait for report cards to monitor student progress. Using Schoology is like viewing details you would find in your child's binder, such as a list of all courses, assignments, updates from teachers, calendars, send messages to their teachers, and more. Using these applications parents are digitally connected in a format that fits their needs. It’s communication that fits in your pocket – fits your life! My Child’s Education, My Way.


Flubaroo: A Google Extension to Aid in Grading

The spreadsheet that is created from a Google Form can be graded instantly. This can be quite the time saver in the classroom. Create a quick entrance/exit ticket, a formative/summative assessment, or many other possibilities. Take a moment to understand how Flubaroo works.

Life Cycle Insert Shapes Text Boxes Format

How to create a Life Cycle of the Butterfly Poster using MS Word

Google Forms Introduction - response sheet

Google Forms creates a response sheet that can be graded automatically using the add-on Flubaroo.


Part 2 of proof of Heron's formula

Showing that the expression in part 1 is identical to Heron's Formula