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PowerTeacher 2018 End of Quarter/Semester

End of quarter/semester guidelines for PowerSchool/PowerTeacher

How-To Videos

Schoology: Basic Layout

Become familiar with the layout within Schoology. Understand what you will see when you log in to your CPS Schoology account.

Feedback Studio (TurnItIn) - How to submit assignments

Students can learn how to submit an assignment using Feedback Studio (TurnItIn).

Google: Sharing

The best part of Google is how easy it is to be collaborative within it. Watch and learn the basics of sharing items within Google.

Google Login: Student

Students may need help logging into their CPS Google account. Students are given similar access to Google like the teachers, however, they use the Gmail feature within Google. Here is where they access their email.

Google Forms

Google Forms is a popular tool for teachers within Google Drive. Forms are like surveys, then the information gathered is placed in a spreadsheet for easy access to the data from the form. Teachers use Google Forms for assessments, entrance/exit tickets, data collection, and many other options. Learn how to use Google Forms.

Google Drive Basics

Understanding Google Drive can be overwhelming at first. Take a moment to become familiar with the basics of Google Drive.

Schoology: Materials and Updates

How do you want students to see your course work within Schoology? Learn the difference between the two options: materials and updates. Once you have your preference learn how to change between the two.

eBeam: Scrapbook Overview

Teachers 6-12 have bee issued an eBeam which is an interactive whiteboard. This tutorial gives you an overview of the product to get you started using it in your classroom.

Blackboard Discussion Board - Student View

See what the student sees when using a Discussion Board. Discussion Boards are topic centered discussions for students to participate in during class.

PowerSchool: Launching Gradebook

PowerTeacher gradebook is the gradebook within PowerSchool. This tutorial will take you through the process of opening the gradebook through web access (meaning when there is no icon for the gradebook on your computer).

Google: Docs, Sheets, Slides General Information

Learn the general information to get you going with Google. Google Drive areas include Docs, Sheets, and Slides where the majority of tasks are completed.

PowerSchool: Login

This video will show you how to login to PowerSchool. Your username and password will be given to you by the school secretary.

Getting Started with Schoology

This video goes over the basics of navigating the Schoology platform. (Audio will be redone over the holiday weekend for better quality.)

eBeam Tool Palette Introduction

Learn what is the eBeam Tool Palette. Find out how to make it appear and disappear from your desktop.

PowerSchool: Bulk Fill Comments

You have the ability to add comments for more than one student at a time. This short video takes you through the process of leaving the same comment for more than one student.

Blackboard Creating a Discussion Board

Learn how to create a Discussion Board within Blackboard. Discussion Boards are topic based for students to communicate with one another.

Google: Add-ons

Learn what and how to use Google Add-ons in Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms.

Google Classroom Access and Setup

Google Classroom is a great way to distribute and collect items from your students. Google Classroom is not a full Learning Management System like Schoology, but it does have classroom management essentials for a paperless environment.

Flubaroo: A Google Extension to Aid in Grading

The spreadsheet that is created from a Google Form can be graded instantly. This can be quite the time saver in the classroom. Create a quick entrance/exit ticket, a formative/summative assessment, or many other possibilities. Take a moment to understand how Flubaroo works.