Most Discussed

Introducing Mr. Rush

An introduction to Withrow Demonstration coach Mr. Rush.

Rush Routine Hop

Mr. Rush explains the routines in our classroom.

Grad Cincinnati

Grad Cincinnati Outstanding Citizen Project.

Free Store Food Bank

Withrow Outstanding Citizen Award

Rush Routine Hop Clark

Video of Rush Routines at Clark

Avondale Youth Council

Withrow Outstanding Citizen

Abilities First

Withrow Outstanding Citizen

Alzheimer's Association

Withrow Outstanding Citizen Project.

Legislative Branch

Legislative Branch

Parents for Murdered Children

Withrow Students nominate Althea Reed Myles who nominates Parents for Murdered Children for the Magnified Giving Grant.

Churches Active in Northside

Student generated video where Reverend Dwight Cummings nominates CAIN for the Outstanding Citizen Award.

Outstanding Citizen Sample

Sample Outstanding Citizen Project

Magnified Giving

Withrow High School Students engage in a project to help local non-profits.

Outstanding Citizen Project

Outstanding Citizen Preview

Student Video Martin Luther King

Students from Withrow tell what Martin Luther King means to them today.

Why Government?

Why Government? Intro to American Government

How to Use Google Docs

How to use Google Docs by Withrow student Iyana Jones.

How to use

Withrow students teaching about has free graphic templates to help students learn.